Reciprocity App Reviews

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great app

works well. Good for easy calculation of shutter speeds in different ISO ranges. That is really perfect for night shots. Like the shutter counter. An dddition of big stopper filter would be great. Thanks

Filter function not working

I just bought the Additional Features module for my iPhone 5, and the Filter function is not working. If I try to add a new filter (I need more EVs than the default filters provide), nothing happens -- a new filter is NOT added to the list. Scott, can you fix this?

I love cinematography, I hate math

It's always nice to have calculators like this on set. Without it, I'd imagine making a huge fool out of myself doing the math in head or by hand.. Greatly appreciated!

Great App

Works as you would think. I wish it would measure Ev, though I guess that would make it more of a meter. It's good stuff!

Good App

This is a one of the best apps I've found for figuring general reciprocity failure for most films. While I have only used it with a couple of films, I have found it to be accurate. This app would be great if it had a timer built in. Right now I have to exit the program, start a clock/timer program for timing the exposure. It would be great to have a timer that would automatically enter the shutter time then when the start button is hit it would count down from between 5 to 10 seconds. Then make a warning sound to start the exposure, then make another warning 5 to 10 seconds before the the end of the exposure. There is room at the bottom for the timer. Thanks!

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